Our Solutions

Investor Marketing Solutions


INN markets the facts, helps companies make complex value propositions simple and directly connect investors ready to take the next step with quality companies.


Targeted News/Company Spotlight - Increase the reach of important news with exclusive, co-branded e-mail press release to an opt-in list of 58,000 subscribers. Highlighted on the homepage of INN with “Featured News Bar”. PR is also included on relevant channels, newsletters and pushed via Social Media.

News Marketing and Social Media Promotion - INN will syndicate all of your company's news and media mentions with your company logo on the homepage of all campaign channels.

Each of the news releases will be tweeted by the relevant Twitter accounts and Featured in relevant channels newsletters.


Advertising – INN will create 2 custom animated banner ads that communicate investment highlights with logo and brand imagery. The leaderboard and medium rectangle advertisements will be “Run of Site” within the Campaign Channels during your campaign.


Text Ads – 30 Word advertisement in the body of feature articles for a channel eg. Gold Investing
Newsletter Advertising – Company Advertisements and text ads will be rotated and allocated a portion of the inventory in Campaign Channel newsletters during the campaign.


Lead Generation - The Campaign channels and Educational Company Profile will contain links to an investor kit request form. Investors use these forms to request more information on specific companies. When requested, we immediately email a custom link to a clients site where they host the elements of the investor kit. All subscribers that have requested an investor kit are sent every Monday in a user-friendly CSV format.


Educational Company Profile – A custom article profiling the company and capturing your company’s value proposition. It includes a professional write-up based upon a CEO interview, maps, video, images, news feed, stock chart and interactive features completely customized to deliver your investor message.


CEO Interview - INN will interview a company executive and post the interview as a feature article within Campaign Channels, associated newsletters, and social media. Content flow/topics are determined in advance.

Video Interview - INN to film executive in our Vancouver office or on location answering 5 standard questions. Up to four slides are edited into the interview. Videos are distributed to Reuters Insider Network and Investing News audience.

Special Report Branding - A full page ad and/or company profile within a special report.

INN Custom Content – For companies that want to be recognized as thought leaders we offer our top editors and journalist to co-create content to a targeted, niche, investing audience. Our team will research and ghostwrite educational articles on behalf of an executive. The content will be distributed as a feature article within campaign channels and a press release will be issued.