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Site Visits and the New Series Feature

You'll see the new Series feature being used on INN now and more in the future. It allows us to tie together related content in a simple and automatic way.

With over 100,000 pieces of content at INN, we have always struggled with making navigation easy for our investor audience. Whether it is switching between topics or finding related content, there are many methods and more opinions.

Tying together related pieces of content has advantages to INN. It decreases the bounce rate, increases time on site and increases pageviews per visit. All key metrics. Linking content like this also has search engine optimization value, by making it clear to search engines which of the 100,000 pieces of content are most important.

But more importantly, it benefits the investor by providing a simple way to allow them to get to content that gives them context for what they are reading. Providing this benefit to the investor

We have recently implemented a "series" tool that allows us to automatically connect related content. You can see an example with the latest series on Site Visits.

While this doesn't add to the main site navigation, it does allow investors reading about any individual site visit to move onto content that is about a different site visit.

We will be using the series tool to tie together a lot of related content. You can see another example in our Uranium Investing Table of Contents post. This ties together all the information a uranium investor needs, mirroring the information that is in our uranium free reports.

As we refine the implementation of the series tool, you will see more tables of contents for other investing topics that we cover. Stay tuned!

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