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New Investor Survey

We are launching a new investor survey with all new technology.

In the past we have done surveys and polls as you can see on the Survey Results page. And in the past we have collected data and consolidated it to provide insight to the audience and our clients.

The new survey technology will allow us to do more. In addition to providing these insights, it will append the data collected to the records of the investors who complete the survey.

Of course, this will still comply with our privacy policy and collected information can be deleted at any time as per privacy legislation such as GDPR.

By appending the information collected to the investor records, we are starting on a path towards providing information in a much more targeted and customized way. More on this as the technology is rolled out.

Among our goals for 2020 as a company was to increase engagement and build meaningful relationships. While the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our business, we are still moving ahead with these goals. This new survey technology will be a big step in that direction.

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