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The site navigation for our audience has always been a hot topic for us. Even going back to when we had separate domains for each topic we covered. We always thought it was important for our investor audience to be able to go from the zinc investing article they were reading to the silver investing home page easily.

Looking back, we had individual domains and full sites for each topic we covered. Originally we linked between sites with navigation at the bottom. Anyone remember this from 2012?

We took a major step forward in 2014, moving the navigation up to the masthead. You'll see LSIN in the corner. This is when we started posting Life Science Investing News.

This screenshot from 2016 is from, after all of the domains were consolidated there. This layout allowed us to expand the top level navigation and include the new Technology Investing News and show the focus on the new free reports.

In 2018 we transitioned again, dropping "Investing News" from the top level categories and adding Cannabis as our fourth top level category. While this allows access to a lot of categories from any page, it does make the navigation complicated.

Which brings us to 2020. In the new navigation we are removing many of the categories and sub-categories, making it easier for users to navigate to related topics. You will notice that the sidebar is more focused also, with only related commodity prices and filtered top stocks.

We strive to be continuously improving the experience for our audience and delivering on our vision of educating investors and connecting them with opportunities. If you have any feedback about our current or past designs, please let us know!

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