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Save Canadian Mining (and all Canadian Junior Markets)

I met with Terry Lynch the CEO of Chilean Metals on Friday. He launched Save Canadian Mining (SCM) today.

The primary goal of SCM is to have the "uptick rule" reinstated. This would restrict short selling to neutral or sales to positive price changes at the time of the sale. I think the SCM web site and press release describe the problem well.

I remember talking with Don Mosher and Joe Martin from Cambridge House about this back in 2013. That is when we published our report on the Venture Status Report.

Removing the uptick rule has been considered a problem for a long time. Terry thinks there has been a long enough history of damage that it is time to try again to get the uptick rule back.

INN has agreed to join the effort. Please go to the SCM web site to learn more and decide if you would like to participate.

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