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Investor Survey - Buying and Holding

Over the last seven years, we have been building our audience with great content, educating them on investment opportunities and connecting them with companies specifically in the niche they are looking to invest. Over 400,000 connections - investors who have specifically requested information on the companies that advertise with us.

But do they Invest?

Generating investor leads is a valuable, quantifiable way to demonstrate value to our advertisers. But ultimately, companies are looking for investors, not leads. So the question remains, do they buy shares?

Kivalliq Energy has been a client, advertising on Uranium Investing News and for over 2 years. A recent conversation with Jim Paterson, Kivalliq’s CEO prompted us to reach take steps to answer this question.

The Survey

It was decided to survey the investors who had requested information from Kivalliq. We developed a simple question, asking each investor if they had bought stock, bought uranium stocks and if they had bought and/or still hold Kivalliq shares. The investors were offered our recent ebooks in exchange for their time in completing the survey.

We were quite happy with the reception of the email. Of the 2048 that were sent, 330 were opened and 150 investors clicked on the link. Of those, 125 completed the survey.

The Results

With all surveys, there is a margin of error. Because we received 125 responses, that margin is reasonable, based on the use of common statistical tools. Using these tools, we can say with 95% confidence that a minimum of 83% bought stocks and a minimum of 50% bought uranium stocks. We can also say that we generated hundreds of investors for Kivalliq, most of which still held those shares when we did the survey.

The ultimate result was that Kivalliq continues to work with us, connecting with new investors who know about the opportunity that Kivalliq represents and who are ready to invest.

Connect with Us

Get the full details of the Kivalliq survey and discuss connecting with our investor audience today.

Email or call us at 604-688-8231 to receive the full details of the Kivalliq survey.

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