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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

The majority of Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation comes into force on July 1, 2014. Investor Relations teams should take time to review their process for sending electronic commerce messages (ECM’s) as fines are steep if found to be in breach of the laws. The Investing News Network(INN) uses a double opt-in system and investors explicitly request and provide permission to share data in order to fulfill the information request. It is up to the business sending an email to be in compliance. Simply adding a contact to your database is not recommended or is in compliance with the new legislation. The three basic rules to follow when sending electronic commerce are:

  1. You must have expressed or implied consent to send a message.

  2. You must clearly and simply identify yourselves and anyone else on whose behalf the message is sent.

  3. In every message you send, you must provide a way for recipients to unsubscribe from receiving messages in the future.

The aforementioned are not are not the only rules, please do your due diligence at

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