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Investing News Network Update

We have measured data across our network to give us an indication of not only how our sites are performing, but also what the the overall investors sentiment for the resource sector market seems to be. Data collected over the past three months has shown positive interest from investors, reflected in both our traffic and leads.

INN continued to grow despite the bear market and now that we have started to see improved investor sentiment, we anticipate triple digit traffic growth as the world finds favour with investing in the resource sector once again.

One of the driving forces behind our network traffic is our original content. Every day we receive valuable traffic from Google, of people that are searching for resource investing related news. In the first quarter of 2014 alone, INN published 280 articles and thousands of pieces of company news items.

Following are some interesting facts:

Engaged Resource Investors

Today, we have over 50,000 unique double opt-in subscribers to our 34 resource newsletters. If you would like to subscribe or manage your subscription, you may do so at our email dashboard. So far in 2014, the average open rate for our newsletters was 21.41% across the network which is higher than our 20.94% average for 2013. In digital marketing, a 1% percent gain is significant. According to Mailchimp, the industry average open rate for business & finance newsletters was 20.68%

INN Newsletters with the Highest Open Rates:

1. Graphite - 38.37% 2. Magnesium - 32.83% 3. Tin - 32.30% 4. Tungsten - 30.49% 5. Uranium - 30.38% The following sites had the greatest growth when comparing Q1 2013 total visits vs. Q1 2014. 82.36% increase in Graphite Investing News visits 46.66% increase in Uranium Investing News 44.89% increase in Diamond Investing News 48.46% increase in Zinc Investing News 37.53% increase in Gold Investing News


2 Ebooks Published this Quarter that have generated over 1000 leads combined : 2014 Forecast eBook Graphene eBook

New Feature

Breaking News - We now feature milestone client and non-client news in a prominent section above the sites' headlines for 24 hours. If you have breaking news call us to see how we can highlight it to our investor audience. 604-688-8231

Top Articles on Resource Investing News for Q1 2014

1. Top 10 Junior Mining Stocks of 2013 2. PDAC: Is China Buying Gold to Eliminate US Dollar as World Reserve Currency? 3. Potash Market Showing Signs of Recovery (Analyst Interview on Potash Investing News) 4. Graphite Outlook: Challenging Market to Reward “Select” Juniors in 2014 5. Energy Fuels: A High-Leverage Play on the Uranium Price (Analyst Interview on Uranium Investing News)

Social Media & Video

INN interviewed 84 CEOs and these video interviews were syndicated to the Reuters Insider Network, INN YouTube Channel and network sites. The videos have received 22,098 views and spent 69,302 minutes with the content. We use social media to push your news to over 25,000 Twitter followers, 2,000 Facebook fans, and 400 members of our Resource Investing News on Linkedin. Cheers, Pia Rivera Production Manager 604.688.8231

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