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Venture Status Survey

On October 17, 2013, the BC Securities Commission released a report based on a survey of 15 junior mining CEO's that "confirmed that the majority of root causes and issues were due to the cyclical nature of the mining industry". We heard from a number of people in the market saying this did not represent their views. In the spirit of being independent and unbiased, Resource Investing News is conducting a new survey of the junior mining market. We are sending emails to over 1000 leaders of these companies across the country to find out what they think. We are asking that they forward to any CEO’s in the junior mining space that would have an opinion one way or another. The survey covers:

  • About your company - jurisdiction, recent financings, relative costs

  • Market conditions - root causes, algo trading, regulatory regime

  • Prognosis - when will the market turn, who will survive

  • What should be done - wait, change market, change corporate focus, lobbying

In September 2013, the TSXV had 1288 companies listed in their mining sector. If we receive 296 responses, we can say that the results represent the entire list +/-5%, 95% of the time. This is our stretch goal. As with the BCSC Report, we will aggregate the feedback and present it in an unattributed format in order to preserve anonymity of the participants. The survey is by invitation only and will be screened to limit responses to one per company. Data and analysis will be published by Resource Investing News and available to all. Please click here to go to the survey.

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