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eBooks - Good for Investors, Good for Advertisers

We are always on the lookout for new and better ways to serve our audience and advertisers. As is often the case, our most recent innovation does both. We publish new articles and interviews every day. For the most part, everything we publish will remain on our network forever, for people who want to check the archives. But after an article comes off the home page, the number of people reading it drops dramatically. But there are some stories that are bigger and deserve more attention than they are given. So we have started doing eBooks. You can check these eBooks out below. The Uranium Renaissance eBook Life Cycle of a Gold Mine 2013 Forecast eBook All of these eBooks have been very popular with our audience. With our most recent eBook, The Uranium Renaissance, we decided to try including some lead generation and advertising for sponsors. So far, about 1 month into the campaign, we have generated hundreds of leads for the sponsors in this very niche market. In addition, these advertisers are associated with the quality content that educates investors on the opportunity that the uranium market represents. The eBbook is 86 pages in total with 71 pages of content, 11 advertiser pages and 4 pages for the cover, introduction and table of contents. This gives us an excellent content to advertising ratio of 6.45:1. The content breakdown is as follows:

  • 14 feature articles

  • 8 interviews

  • 4 video interviews

  • 2 infographics

  • 4 sponsor profiles

As part of the launch of the uranium eBook, we conducted an extensive campaign within our network, via social media and through third party advertising networks. Not only did this increase awareness of the eBook, but also brought a significant new audience to our network, benefiting all of our advertisers. The majority of the new leads generated were retail investors as should be expected. However, we found that there was significant institutional interest in the eBook as well. Some of the institutions downloading the eBook (and requesting information from the sponsors) included:

  • Vice President, Senior Analyst Uranium & Iron Ore at Dundee Capital Markets

  • Equity Research Associate at Dundee Capital Markets

  • Analyst at GL Funds

  • Analyst at RCF Management LLC

  • Executive Director at Lynas Capital Ltd

  • Mining Resources Analyst at Argonaut Securities

  • Executive Assistant to CEO at Canaccord Genunity (Australia)

  • Chief Operating Officer at Argonaut Limited

  • CEO of Bannerman Resources

  • Manager Corporate Broking at Foster Stockbroking

  • Client Adviser/Branch Manager Toowoomba at Bell Potter Securities

  • Managing Director at Kamara Poulos Group

  • Chief Investment Officer at Plurimi Capital LLP

  • Specialist Industry Analysis, Emerging Markets at Rio Tinto

  • Broker-Dealer Agent at Newport Coast Securities, Inc.

  • Senior Vice President - Resource Group (Overseas Business) at EMIL, Aditya Birla Group

  • Business Development & Broker Relations at Intrepid Financial Group

We also believe that eBooks will have a very extended shelf life. As digests of extremely interesting and relevant content, they will be of interest to new and expert investors alike. As a result of the success to date, we currently have 5 new eBook titles in various stages of development and planning.

  • Top 10 Lists - Our content covering top countries, mines, stocks and ETF’s is consistently our most popular throughout the year and we expect very high audience interest in this ebook

  • Graphite and Graphene - As one of the hottest markets in the resource space, we know interest will high and extremely targeted

  • Energy Storage - covering a range of topics from battery technologies to storage system installations to electric vehicles, this ebook will include a variety of commodities including vanadium, lithium, graphene, zinc, cobalt and tin

  • Underdogs of the TSX - Outliers on the TSX, these companies have low market capitalization despite significant cash reserves

  • 2014 Resource Forecast - As with the 2013 forecast ebook, this edition will cover all of the major commodities and be referred to by investors throughout the year.

Please contact us to learn about sponsorship for these projects or with your suggestions for new topics for us to cover.

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