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Education has always been a focus of what we offer our investor audience. In fact, I recently found a document describing our company from June 2008 that includes the line:

There are many investment media companies that not many do a good job of educating new investors, creating truly valuable branding opportunities for early stage companies and then connecting the investors with the companies.

Today we find education is becoming more and more important in how we operate as a publishing company. Search Engine Optimization or SEO originally meant trying to trick the search engines into sending their audience to your site based on including key words in titles, captions and throughout your content. SEO has evolved to the point where the search engines require current, relevant content in order to get that audience. But even now, sites that don’t have the best content are sometimes included. A recent search for “Investing in Copper” returned the two sites below, in addition to Copper Investing News. Investing in Copper on Daily Reckoning: This article isn’t bad, talking about copper uses and comparing copper to some of the other metals. It also some talk of the supply and demand dynamics. But the site doesn’t actually talk about investing in copper or copper companies. The page is essentially a landing page, trying to get the audience ot sign up for other Daily Reckoning services. How to Invest in Copper as Bullion on wikiHow: This is an excellent example of a bad page. The page talks about the devaluation of paper currencies. But the rest of the article talks about searching pennies to find the ones with high copper content. Even going as far as recommending requesting $25 boxes of pennies to go through. While this may be considered a copper investing strategy, it’s not one we recommend to our audience. So while the search engines aren’t yet perfect, we know that by educating the audience that comes to our sites, we can provide significant value to them and to our advertisers who will benefit from engaging with educated investors. My favourite example of how we help investors is on our diamond site, although we are rolling this out across our network. Going to the FAQ page on Diamond Investing News shows 19 different articles we have written on various aspects of the diamond industry. While this isn’t everything an investor should know when looking at diamonds and diamond companies, it is a great start. Included in this list of articles is an interview with Lucara CEO, William Lamb. Like many company CEO’s William is a wealth of knowledge that investors can benefit from. For anyone interested in diamond exploration and mining, his interview includes some great information. Of course, we need to be sure that we maintain the separation between editorial and advertorial. While Lucara is an advertising client, the interview with William was initiated by our editorial team and was not part of their advertising campaign. And while he talks about Lucara, it is just to provide context for what he is talking about. Watch for more expanded FAQ sections on each of the sites on our network.

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