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Since the Cambridge show in January, we have started producing video content, primarily interviews with CEO’s, and with thought leaders such as Rick Rule and John Nyhold of PwC. To date, we have about 180 video that have been viewed over 50,000 times with an estimated 215,000 minutes watched. We have reconfigured our YouTube channel with playlists and a number of other features in order to increase views and subscribers. We have discovered there is significant value for all involved. Companies get a chance to directly address our investor audience, that audience gets to hear first hand from the CEO’s that are running the companies and industry experts. For us, we gain access to an expanded younger profile of audience due to having a new type of content. We have titled our CEO interviews “INN5W’s”. This refers to the five questions we ask each CEO.

  • Who are you and can you tell us briefly about your company?

  • Where is your flagship project and why is that a good jurisdiction to be working in?

  • Why should an investor consider investing in your company?

  • When is the next catalyst investors should be watching for and what can we expect in 2013?

  • What advice do you have for investors and resources CEO’s in these difficult markets?

Many of the CEO’s interviewed are experts in their fields and can fit a lot of valuable information into five answers. We know that our investor audience sees value from the videos, primarily because of how they have been watching and sharing the content. For example, our interview with Doug Casey has been viewed over 3,500 times with a total viewing time of over 29,000 minutes. By creating this content, we have access to YouTube which is currently the third most trafficked site in the world. For many of the CEO’s that have recorded videos, that video is now at the top of YouTube search results for both their name and their company. As we produce more of this content and cover more topics, we expect better and better coverage on YouTube for key search terms. So while we enjoy holding parties and having clients and friend get together in our offices, we feel that during these difficult markets, it is best to spend our time, effort and money on these videos which provide so much value to everyone involved.

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