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Notes from Leadcon 2013

Chris and I recently attended Leadscon in Las Vegas. This is likely a show you have not heard of before, but it was Chris’s second time there (my first). Their tagline is “THE Lead Generation Conference”. Since generating leads is an important part of what we do for our advertisers, it’s important for us to go and find out what is new among the much bigger leaders in this market in the US. Some important points I took from the show. Click through rates in 2013 are 0.05% across the web. So for every 10,000 times the ad is displayed, it is clicked five times. The most important things when creating online ads that work: call to action, images, short & simple, drive the click, test test test. 8% of users account for 85% of clicks. And they aren’t necessarily your target market. Interesting white paper from Quantcast CEO, Konrad Feldman. As a result, the web in general is moving away from simply generating traffic (impressions) to generating outcomes for businesses (leads or even transactions). Search engines are moving away from simple links to things related to search terms to “matching intent”. This means that search results will take into account your computing platform, location, time of day, search history and many other things. Global time online is an average of 16 hours per month. 32 hours is the average in the US. Time spent searching is only 5% of total time online, about the same as shopping. Social media, email and reading content are all about 25%. Inside sales is growing in the share of revenue generated vs outside sales. And ROI for that revenue is significantly higher than ROI on outside sales because cost per revenue is significantly lower. The average person checks their smart phone 150 times per day. And this is a good one: Responding to web-generated leads within 5 minutes increases contact rates by.... 900% Something to work on for all of us.

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