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Growth of our Social Media Audience

Back in August, Nick introduced me to a guy named Tim Howard, an Australian living in Texas. As is often the case these days, Tim turned out to be someone Meredith had met years ago (while in Australia).

Tim runs and works at a company called IRSmartt. Tim and his crew help public companies manage their social media channels from an investor relations persective.

Now, we had been approached before on this kind of thing and I was always skeptical. Despite Tim being a friend of Meredith, I was still skeptical in this case. Perhaps I’m showing my age and simply don’t get the social media thing, but I felt that communicating with our audience (and clients) through social media was something very important which should be kept in house. At the same time, I had been unable to put together a coherent strategy or plan on this front.

So when we got Tim’s proposal, I wasn’t super happy about it but I also believed it was better to try than spend more time doing very little.

Now, we’ve renewed our short term agreement with Tim and I’d like to share some of the results we’ve had to date.

Tim has provided me with Q3 and Q4 reports for 2012. Here are some of the highlights (note, Tim officially kicked off late in August, so Q3 numbers are mostly just September).

Q3 Q4

Twitter and Facebook:

Interactions 368 1670

Impressions 3,162,231 6,023,157


New Followers 3,239 1,725

Link Clicks 14 608

Retweets 60 309


New Fans 128 468

Impressions 109,461 545,968

I am going to increase our social media activities and work with Tim to come up with a complete strategy and plan. But I am very glad that we didn’t wait. These numbers are significant and I believe represent significant value to our audience and clients.

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