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It’s (Still) About the Content

We started in 2007, with a focus on quality content to help investors. We decided building trust with the audience was more important than making the sales job easy. We decided to invest in knowledgeable people that write for us and build trust and a following. When we started planning to roll out the network, the Search Engine Optimization advice we received was, “Don’t worry about the content, just build all the sites.” Again, we decided to do the more difficult route and continue to invest in the content. And slowly, we built an audience. That audience trusts us and becomes educated on the resource and our advertisers. They connect with our advertisers and then invest in them. Over the years, the sales pitch has become more and more about the leads. “Invest your advertising dollars with us and we will send you 10-20 qualified, investor leads every week!”. We sent our advertisers over 300,000 leads so far and the investors need to jump through more hoops to request the information, so they are more targeted, more motivated. Which is compelling for many advertisers and potential advertisers. As our company and our market continue to develop, it is still quality content, unbiased by the advertisers, building an audience that trusts us is still where the true value is.

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