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Now that the elections are past, I am sure we will all be hoping that there is more activity in the markets and we can all get on with building value in our companies - with the support of the markets. But the fact is that many companies are continuing to build value, even without the support of investors in general. The Investing News Network is a good example of that, working on new products and new markets, even as we continue to work hard, bringing value to our existing clients with our existing products. But there are many others. When there is a return to the markets of investors in general, companies that have done what they can to build value while things are quiet are the companies that will most likely take off. Blackbird Energy has constructed an acquisition (still pending) with Ruger Energy that will augment with some experienced management, some current production and some cash in a way that results in dilution, but dilution accompanied by significant value. Drilling for gas in Alberta is very expensive and with capital markets, especially for gas plays, being very tough, this deal is creative and accretive. Brixton Metals has, with small incremental financings, been able to build an airstrip and complete almost 15,000m of drilling in north west BC. Whether through skill or luck, they have had some very impressive results including 95m of 904 g/t silver equivalent and 150m of 315 g/t AgEq. What happens to Brixton when sentiment swings and money starts going into silver explorers? Kivalliq Energy has closed a $10m bought deal, drilled 38k meters in Nunavut and released many of the results. With not only the markets in general working against them, but the Fukushima tragedy as well. In addition, Jim Paterson has worked with us to build new products and capabilities, keeping our uranium audience informed and engaged. Of course, these are only a few of the many examples. Something our editorial team will be looking at on an ongoing basis, keeping investors aware of your efforts. Feel free to send us summaries of the work you have been doing to build value despite the markets. In my mind, the appropriate analogy is that the kindling is dry and has been laid with care. Once the spark of investor sentiment hits these companies. they will be on fire. It might be next week or it might be next year, but be ready because it might be very fast.

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