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Ten Best Practices for Managing Your INN Leads

I have the good fortune of having a very diversified job with the Investing News Network which offers me the opportunity and insight of "wearing many different peoples shoes". From a sales and marketing perspective I know the features of our product and want to share that with mining companies and investors alike. But from the IR work I do for Woulfe Mining I actually get to experience first hand the benefits and value of that product.

Subsequently, I get to figure out how to maximize on the benefits, and then share that knowledge back to current and new clients on our network. When it comes to the leads we provide our clients with, I am often asked "What exactly should I do with the leads once I get them?" This is a great questions and so here is my best practices for managing the leads you obtain from INN.

  1. The quicker the better - Most of us like instant gratification, and so do your leads. The sooner you get them the information they asked for, the less likely they will forget they asked for it and the more they will like you.

  2. Remind them where you got their information - Nothing is more frustrating than getting emails that you don't think you asked for. A simple reminder will go a long way.

  3. Personalize your emails - Adding the person's first name is a simple and easy personal touch from separating you from the "spam" category.

  4. Keep it simple - Think about the information and length of an email that you would be willing read and compose yours accordingly.

  5. Provide links instead of attachments - Links to your PR, website, presentation etc. Attachment are big and take time to open. Get your leads on your website and they will learn more than what you initially send them.

  6. Be active on social media - Even if you aren't tweeting yourself, it's good to know what people might be tweeting, facebooking mentioning on linkedin about you.

  7. If you have them, include your website, twitter, facebook, linkedin profiles on your emails - You may not have a lot of news flow but if you are active on these communication platforms you will be engaging/communicating with your leads regardless of the news flow you have, or don't have, going on.

  8. Be engaging - Include informational videos about your property, photos, interesting press on your company and other means to engage your lead further.

  9. Use interesting subject lines - Although these might not be the best for a PR subject lines that work the point is ... step outside the normal conventions so people actually open your emails

  10. If at first you don't succeed, try try again - Think of it like dating, just because you didn't engage them the first time doesn't mean you won't the second or third time. When you send out the initial communication to your new leads, send a follow up to your leads from the week before. I go with three emails once a week. If you get no response after the third email, its safe to say the ball is in their court!

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