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What Your Company’s Home Page is Missing

In my sales and marketing position with the Investing News Network I do a lot of research on mining companies. Looking for quick summaries on hundreds of companies can actually be a time-consuming process. When key information is not readily available on a company’s home page, the process becomes even more time-consuming not to mention extremely frustrating.

So, to those mining company communications professionals tasked with creating their firm’s website, I want to share the key pieces of information that both investors and marketers are hoping to find in a 10-second view of your home page. Overlook these and risk being overlooked yourself.

Investors’ Point of View: Consider this an investors’ wish list. Your website might only have 3 of the 5 “must haves,” but prominently placing these features allows investors to quickly spot them on your home page; placing you out in front of your competitor whose website may earn an “A” for essential info, but an “F” in user experience.

Does your home page have… - Ticker Symbol/Listed Exchanges - Basic share information (price, volume, I/O) - Most recent news - Geographical Region - Commodity - Project Focus/Stage - Link to Fact Sheet - Link to Presentation

Marketers’ Point of View: When I see something of interest on a company’s homepage that I want to share through my social media channels, I want that company to get recognition for it. If you don’t use these realms of communication, fine. But if you do, making social media tools easy to find on your home page makes you more likely to be spoken about and recognized over these mediums.

Does your home page have buttons for… - Facebook - Twitter - RSS - LinkedIn - YouTube

For those of you concerned about disclaimers, HDI is a great example to follow. On their home page, the company groups all the buttons together and links them to a disclaimer page you must view before continuing to the selected social media channel. You can check this out by clicking on any of their social media icons at

You would be surprised at the amount of companies that don’t have these essential pieces of information. A few quick fixes can keep your company’s story on the forefront when the markets make a turn for the better.

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