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Dig Media Inc. (“Dig”) is pleased to announce the launch of the Investing News Network and the total redesign of the 34 sites in the network. “In the last 5 years we have increased our capabilities and built a team that is respected for integrity and commitment to excellence,” said Nick Smith, CEO. “The advancement in technology now allows us to better reflect this growth and create a better user experience.” The new design has been rolled out across the network and reflects the hierarchy in our network of sites and our evolution toward becoming a true news network. We are committed to journalistic integrity, providing investors an opportunity to access free content and use innovative techniques to connect investors with credible advertisers. In addition to design elements, we are introducing the Investing News Network or INN. The Dig brand is one which we love and have worked hard to establish, but it does not define the network we have built and continue to expand. As we move into areas beyond commodities, the INN brand will make it more clear—for audience and sponsors—what our network is about. About Dig Media Inc. Dig publishes the Investing News Network consisting of 34 websites that provide unbiased, independent news and content to educate investors on the opportunities and risks associated with the resource industry. Our online interconnected network of commodity specific sites educates investors about what is influencing the markets and provides news on publicly traded exploration and producing companies through exclusive independent articles and other aggregated news and editorial from respected sources.

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