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Dig Media Launches the Investing News Network

Dear Clients, We began our business in 2007 with a focus on great content and helping publicly traded exploration and mining companies connect with educated investors. Since our early days, we have expanded to a network of 34 commodity-focused sites generating hundreds of thousands of dedicated connections for our clients. Today, we are proud to share with you our vision and mission for the future and to introduce the next step in our development: The Investing News Network® (INN). Our mission:

To become the world's #1 source of independent, unbiased news and education helping investors realize their financial goals.

To be internationally respected for our integrity, our people and our commitment to excellence

To create an environment where sophisticated investors can understand and connect directly with trusted organizations and businesses.

The Dig Media brand, which we love and have worked hard to establish, no longer defines the network we have built and continue to expand, as such, we’d like to present the new Investing News Network (INN). The Investing News Network ( will serve as platform for our continued expansion as we broaden the scope of our investing news coverage. INN will act as a gateway for our audience to get to know our team; view our solutions for publicly traded companies and open the doorway for future Investing News Networks. Our goal is to increase the opportunity for investors to make connections with publicly traded exploration companies as we expand and diversify our news coverage. Welcome to INN! We listened to clients, investors and web design experts and created a new design and brand for our network. Not to worry, the news and information you love is still there, but the new design makes it easier for investors to access content across our network. One of our goals was to set INN apart from other industry sites with overwhelming and distracting amounts of information. We believe this new design provides our audience with a clean, simple, user-friendly experience to keep them coming back. The new Investing News Network brand hierarchy will provide investors with uniform navigation options on every site so an investor will always know where they are and can always easily find content across our network of 34 resource sites. To add to the user experience, we have adapted The Investing News Network for mobile devices. Now you can check up on the latest news, see our featured stocks, and read your favorite content from the palm of your hand. Try it….. Our network-wide newsletters have also gotten an overhaul, with new features like company news included in our email campaigns to provide better branding opportunities for our clients and investor audience. For You, Our Clients To increase investor attention for our clients, client company profiles will now be featured and on rotation on the INN homepage as well as on secondary content pages of Investing News Network sites. Our Stocks page, a client directory found on every site, has been simplified to improve accessibility to our supporting clients. We have also enhanced searchability with a client specific search option, meaning that investors can customize their search and our system will autofill the results with matching companies. The profiles pages have also been redesigned to accommodate your social media needs such as audio and video on your educational profile. We Are Always in Beta As we like to say, we are always in beta. With the new Investing News Network brand and redesign, we appreciate your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts. Sincerely, Nick

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