• Mike Rodger

Offtake Agreements, Silver Manipulation or Diamond Experts?

We have been very successful with our first 7 ebooks, educating our investor audience, adding newsletter subscribers and generating thousands of leads for our ebook sponsors. When the question came up for the topic of our next ebook, we thought we would go to the people who know the market best and see what you think. Potential ebook topics:

  • Offtake Agreements - What are they? How important are they? Which are the best and the worst?

  • Silver Manipulation - We have lots of articles on both sides of this topic. Always popular with the audience.

  • Diamond Experts - More and more, diamonds are being considered an investment.

  • Top 10 Lists - Another favourite of our audience.

  • Your Topic - Let us know your ideas!

Our ebooks allow us to take new and existing content to broaden the education of our audience and connect them with our advertisers. Advertisers who not only get leads, but have sponsored content in the ebook for every time it is downloaded or shared. Win win win. In case you missed any, check them out below:

  • 2014 Forecast

  • 2013 Forecast

  • Venture Status Survey

  • Graphite Investing Demystified

  • Graphene - Investing in The Future

  • The Uranium Renaissance

  • Life Cycle of a Gold Mine

Thank you in advance for your help. I'm sure we will get great suggestions and we will report back to you on what we have selected to launch as our next ebook.

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