Our Networks

Our network strategy is designed to benefit both the audience and advertisers. The network strategy allows both to either focus on very targeted niches or access the broader network site.


While this strategy is more work than one broad site, search engines recognize the niche value and deliver the targeted audience to us. This ensures that when the audience connects with advertisers, there is a great match.

INN started as U3O8.biz in 2007. We expanded to cover other commodities in 2008 and still have one of the strongest investor audiences in the resource space. 40 different groupings of original content covering all aspects of the resource sector including exploration, development and mining. Channels include everything from Aluminum to Zinc, Coal to Diamonds, Gold to Iron Ore


Our editorial team has built a global reputation for insightful content on all of these subjects. We publish original, unbiased content to these channels on a daily basis.


We also have "uber" channels that allow audience and advertisers to target multiple topics. These include Precious Metals, Base Metals, Energy, Agriculture and more.

Since the beginning of 2013, INN has published on Life Science topics, Original, insightful content on the life science sector and companies at all stages; from discovery through to commercialization to our investing audience.


Our channels in Life Science include Biotech, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Genetics and others. 


Download our Life Science Investing Primer to sample the content and sign up for our Life Science Investing Newsletter.

Tech Investing News covers a range of niche technology investing topics including Graphene, 3d Printing, Cleantech, Bitcoin and more. While mainstream media focuses on the giants of the tech world, Tech Investing News digs deeper into the thousands of other public technology companies and the investment opportunity they represent.