Breaking News (Spotlights)

Deliver your breaking news with a co-branded exclusive email to 45,000 investors.

12%-22% open rate

INN is above industry Standard Email open rates!

Marketing, Advertising, Public

Relations                  10.73%

Publishing                14.54%

Constant Contact as of 2017

Browse Push (Spotlights)

Deliver your breaking news with logo to 25,000 investors' web browser regardless of what they are viewing.

3%-10% click rate.

Adding 5k investors a month.


Good articles, well-written and concise; quality, relevant leads that include knowledgeable and active investors - that's all you need!

Nancy Massicotte, Principal

IR Pro Communications

Social Media Marketing

Distributing your headlines and content and helping you build a following using social media channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube.

Lead Generation

Connecting you with qualified investors.

The campaign channels and Educational Company Profile will include a investor kit request form.

Investors use these forms to request more information on specific companies.

When requested, we immediately email a  link to your investor presentation.

All subscribers that have requested an investor kit are sent to you every Monday in a user-friendly csv format.  These contacts are CASL compliant and potential investors in your company.

Email Advertising

Topic specific newsletters sent to the audience from each of our 40 channels covered across Resources, Lifesciences and Technology.

The newsletter includes our exclusive content and has open and click rates significantly higher than the industry average.

Highly Targeted Branding Opportunities

+ Average of over 5 million emails sent each month.

+ Companies are branded within each of our 40 commodity specific newsletters.


Professionalism carries across the entire experience with Investing News Network. But the ‘stats’ that move the needle for me, with respect to the value of the campaigns, are the direct email responses and inquiry calls I often receive after distributing our investor kit to the weekly leads provided by INN.”


Troy Nazarewicz, Investor Relations Manager

Fortune Minerals Limited

Customer Service & Reporting

We provide semi annual reports detailing all aspects of the campaign, including an analytics and lead report.